95 Theses Nailed to the door of the Church of Capitalism to Achieve Liberation from Parasitic Chrematism

Avtor: Karel Gržan
Prevajalec: Alenka Ropret
Vrsta gradiva: Knjiga, mehka vezava
Jezik: Angleščina
Založba: Sanje


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Five hundred years after Martin Luther’s protest, it is high time for a new protest. A protest against a system that has even assumed religious forms, fostering a dogma of “the only possible truths”. which it uses to govern social relations. It is time for the fundamental principles of economy and chrematism to be examined and cleary distinguished from one another.

The language of fraud is hidden from us, which is why we fail to recognise it. We cannot understand how despite such enormous (apparent) efforts by both experts and politicians to ensure welfare and the great technical progress meant to make our material lives easier, the state of the world has been turning towards the bad (the age of evil); why is there so much adversity; why, despite the continued “efforts” of those responsible for the well-being of the people, is distress intesifying … The answer: evil has found its way into the concept of good. A gluttonous beast has clothed itself in the fleece of the sacrificial lamb.

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